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True Religion Brand Jeans has received numerous complaints from customers who have purchased counterfeit jeans on eBay, websites, jean parties or other unauthorized sellers that were sold as authentic. True Religion Brand Jeans takes counterfeiting seriously and works closely with law enforcement to find and arrest counterfeiters. In an effort to assist our loyal customers, we have provided answers to the most common questions about counterfeiting below.

Q: Someone is selling True Religion Brand Jeans jeans on eBay. Are they authentic?

A: Please note that none of our authorized retailers is permitted to sell True Religion Brand Jeans jeans on eBay or other auction sites. The only way to guarantee that you are purchasing authentic True Religion Brand Jeans jeans is to buy them from one of our authorized retailers. Click here to find authorized retailers in your area.

Q: What if the online seller says the True Religion Brand Jeans jeans are New With Tags (NWT)? Does that mean that they are authentic?

A: No. Counterfeiters have studied authentic True Religion Brand Jeans jeans and are capable of copying the look of most of our labels and tags (although they are much lower quality). Almost all counterfeit jeans sold on eBay and other auction sites are advertised as New With Tags, but this means nothing because the tags often are counterfeit.

Q: Someone in my area is having a Jean Party at their house. Are the jeans authentic?

A: Probably not. None of our authorized retailers is permitted to sell authentic True Religion Brand Jeans at jean parties. It is highly probable that the jeans are counterfeit if an individual has five or more pairs to sell.

Q: I want to report a counterfeiter. Who should I contact?

A: Please email Provide as many details as you can, including the name and address of the seller, how many jeans this person or entity is selling, and whether we may contact you for further information. You can also call us at 888-619-9995 to leave a message.

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